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Holmandy Healthcare Services specializes in psychiatric assessments, client care, medication management, detoxification, and many other ancillary services in order to help clients improve mentally and physically. Achieving a mental balance can be quite challenging for those who may have struggled with bouts of Depression, Bipolar, Anxiety or other process disorders in their lives. Even with a healthy medication regimen, sometimes a small triggering event can totally throw off one’s mental balance and ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Holmandy Healthcare Services has a staff of professionals totally equipped to assess, diagnose, and provide solutions for such cases. 

Holmandy Healthcare Services is comprised of a number of professional individuals all who specialize in many aspects of mental health issues and provides a safe environment to address these issues. From initial diagnosis to aftercare, we are confident that Holmandy Healthcare Services will help get you back on track and into the stream of life once again. 

Meet our Experienced Staff here to help

Experienced psychiatrists, therapists, and nurse practitioners united as one team

Yvette Holmandy

CEO / Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Yvette Holman is the Founder and CEO of Holmandy Healthcare Services with well over 23 years in the mental health field. Yvette brings knowledge and compassion to the field.

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Dr. Rodney Collins

Supervising Psychiatrist

Dr. Rodney Collins has Board-Certified Addiction Medicine credentials and is the supervising psychiatrist for Holmandy Healthcare located in Beverly Hills.

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Delena Zimmerman, LMFT


Delena Z. is a trauma recovery coach, a motivational speaker, and a licensed marriage and family therapist specializing in addiction counseling and the stressors of millennial life.

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What Our Patients Say About Us

Being diagnosed many years ago with depression has not been an easy journey. Sometimes even when life was going good, I found myself staying confined in my bedroom sleeping for 2-3 days. Until I was educated through therapy and started seeing someone did I learn the warning signs, effects of, and how to get out of it. I’m grateful to the Holmandy staff who have worked with me and never judged over the years. Would totally give their staff a 10-star review even if there was only 5 stars possible. 

Name protected due to Privacy 


What Our Patients Say About Us

I have known and worked with staff at Holmandy Healthcare for multiple years for anxiety. They have always been welcoming, educated, and able to talk me down when feeling like the world is collapsing. 

I’ve referred several friends over the years for a reason !! 

Stephanie L. 


What Our Patients Say About Us

Kick- Ass Staff, Never have a hassle making appointments. They send reminders and Excellent Location 

Two Thumbs Up and if I had more hands, I’d keep recommending.. 

Martin H.