At Holmandy Healthcare Services, we treat you as an individual as opposed to merely a client and our reputation precedes us. Providing a warm atmosphere helps to start the recovery process from whatever you may be dealing with at the time. We ensure our office is always clean, and out professional staff works as a collective unit to achieve a common goal – Place our patients first ! Holmandy Healthcare Services is here to meet you where you are mentally, whether you are battling with issues such as depression, general anxiety, PTSD, Bi-polar, addiction, and/or any other process disorders. Having years of experience, our psychiatrists, nurse practitioners and therapists all come highly recommended from other facilities. We are lucky to have them, and we hope that you will learn to understand why and what makes them so valuable in their individual expertise. At Holmandy Healthcare Services, first impressions go a long way and we hold ourselves to a higher standard. 


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