At Holmandy Healthcare Services, we also provide Detoxification, also known as detox, which is the process of removing the addictive substance or alcohol from the body. Detox from alcoholism or addiction can be done in either a hospital, inpatient program, outpatient program, or even with instructions from a licensed psychiatrist/therapist/nurse practitioner. Detoxification alone is never enough to cure an addiction. Holmandy Healthcare Services understands that treatment along with behavioral therapy and counseling is necessary for true recovery from addiction. While detoxification is the beginning, one’s emotional and mental state of mind must also undergo a major transformation which can only be started through group or individual therapy which is one of the services offered with us at Holmandy Healthcare Services. We can help assist with placement into a higher level of care depending on the severity of the case. We understand here at Holmandy Healthcare Services that these problems arise, however getting into the solution is what we help you do best. 


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